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The Seven Biggest Automotive Suppliers In The World

It is no secret that the auto industry is a large and profitable one, with the largest players enjoying millions of dollars in turnover every year. While the cars that get manufactured make up a significant portion of the market, there is another niche that is equally as important - if not more so. In many ways, automotive suppliers are the ones with the true power - without them, the amazingly profitable vehicles simply would not exist.

How to Set up An Electronics Manufacturing Factory in Mexico

Mexico is an ideal location for manufacturing because of its cost-effective operational costs, rapid delivery lead times, and open trade agreements with much of the world. Electronics manufacturing in Mexico also benefits from a well-established supply chain across a number of subsectors. In fact, Mexico is the 8th largest electronics producer worldwide and growing. Many companies have decided to set up electronics manufacturing facilities in Mexico to leverage the infrastructure and connections already in place to support this in-demand sector.

What Are Mexico’s Main Exports?

You only have to turn on the news, pick up a newspaper, or have a basic grasp of world economics to understand the importance of imports and exports. It is no exaggeration to say that these can make or break the wealth and economic fortune of a country.