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Friday, May 23, 2008  

Soon and Very Soon

Yesterday I hinted at some of the new features you can expect when the next major upgrade to Accordance is released. I knew doing so would generate a response, but I had no idea how enthusiastic it would be. Apparently our sales staff found themselves suddenly fielding questions about new features, release dates, and upgrade prices which they're really not at liberty to answer just yet. And, of course, several of you interacted with yesterday's post via the comments.

Naturally, there were numerous pleas for further hints as to when version 8 will be released. One person wondered if "soon" means "Six months? A month? A year?"

Let me just say this. We don't make announcements, or even drop teasing little hints, until we are very close to release. The reality of software development is that unexpected snags may cause delays, force you to drop features you had originally planned to do, etc. Making specific promises well in advance of release merely to generate excitement has a tendency to backfire, so we just don't do it. At this point, unless we run into some earth-shattering problem, version 8 should appear sooner than all three of the guesses just quoted. :-)

I just went back and looked at the posts from May 2006 leading up to and following the release of version 7. It's pretty impressive how many features were added in version 7 that we now take for granted.

That does make it sound as if (for a possible first-time buyer) I should definitely not buy version 7.

David, you've just made a lot of mac users drool all over their keyboards.

Sounds awesome. I've got to admit, I'm a little intimidated by the upgrade process here. I've recently switched from BibleWorks and it's pretty straightforward there. I've now invested a lot of money in different modules on Accordance, absolutely love it, I just have NO IDEA how the upgrade(s?) work or what it will cost.. Fingers crossed.. don't make this painful!

As someone who has upgraded from 6 to 7, I can tell you that it is really straightforward. The upgrade cost $29 from 6 to 7, and that was credited toward any purchase of a primary collection, if I remember correctly. That will help offset the cost of Library 8 and/or Scholar's 8 if/when they get released, or it's a good excuse to upgrade your Library 7/Scholar's 7 packages. I don't know what pricing will be on version 8, but I'm sure it won't be as expensive as filling up your car with a tank of gas, to put it in perspective. Let me also add you'll get a lot more mileage out of an upgrade to Accordance than you will out of a tank of gas!

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