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Tuesday, May 16, 2006  

The New Look of 7: Icons

Yesterday I promised to start previewing the features of version 7. I'll start with the changes in the way Accordance looks, and the first change you'll notice are the stunning new program icons designed by the folks at the iconfactory. We've used the oil lamp logo from the beginning, and when OS X gave us greater flexibility in icon design, we created a hi-res version of our icon with a larger palette of colors. Still, the OS X icon retained the two-dimensional appearance of our classic Mac icon. So we decided it was time for a more three-dimensional look. We hope you like it:

In addition to the new program icon, we had new Finder icons developed for all the different kinds of Accordance files. Here are just a few of them:

Accordance Module

Atlas Background

User Notes file

User Tool Module

In the grand scheme of things, new icons are admittedly a very minor enhancement, but this is just one of the ways that we're improving the look of Accordance in version 7.

Very cool! Aesthetics counts.

I like the new icons! They suggest how exciting exploring the text of God's Word is. The only downside to this post was it was too short! Looking forward to more tomorrow, Lord-willing.

Now, Robb, you're getting spoiled. ;-) I don't usually even blog on Tuesdays! Don't worry, there's more to follow soon.

Yea! I am not really a fan of the current icon set (looks pretty goofy in my dock). These new icons look very nice...

I couldn't wait. I dragged the picture of the icon off of the blog onto my desktop, opened it in Preview, copied it and pasted it into the Get Info window of Accordance 6.9.2 . Now I have the new icon.

Somehow, I doubt that I will be able to implement the remaining 7.0 features by copying them from the blog.

I wondered if anyone would think of that! I did the same thing when I first got previews of the new icons, before they were incorporated into the program itself.

David, come on, I DID IT TOO! I just love the new look of the icons, very perfessional and total aqua-goodness!

FYI - Great minds think alike

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