Appliance Manufacturing in Mexico

Appliance Manufacturing in Mexico: A Long-Standing Tradition for Household Names

From stoves and gas ranges to washers and dryers, household and other electrical appliances have been manufactured in Mexico for decades. The appliance manufacturing industry in the country is prized for its robust supply chain, proximity to export markets, and sound production expertise. Mexico is one of the principal exporters of appliances in the world, and claims top spots for exports of some of the most common appliance categories.

Household appliance manufacturing in Mexico is home to some of today’s most well-known appliance makers, including Whirlpool, Electrolux, LG, and Mabe, who manufacture everything from refrigerators and dishwashers to ovens and cooktops in state-of-the-art plants in Mexico. The appliance manufacturing powerhouse, which once designed and manufactured 95 percent of General Electric’s gas ranges and refrigerators sold in the United States, operates plants in a number of Mexican locales: Mexico City, Coahuila, Guanajuato, Nuevo Leon, Queretaro, and San Luis Potosi.

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Key Mexico Appliance Industry Statistics


of electrical appliances manufactured in Mexico are made in Nuevo Leon

Though appliance manufacturers can be found throughout Mexico, Nuevo Leon is of particular note for its high production value – 41 percent of the electrical appliances in Mexico are manufactured there.

2nd Largest

exporter of household appliances to the United States

Mexico is the 2nd largest exporter of household and electrical appliances to the United States. Relatively low-cost labor, proximity to the border, and the ability of suppliers to meet just-in-time delivery has allowed companies manufacturing in Mexico to experience tremendous growth.


countries import appliances from Mexican production giant Mabe

Appliance manufacturers in Mexico are among the ranks of companies like Mabe, which exports to over 70 countries. The company’s portfolio includes major brands ioMabe, GE / GE Profile, and Monogram, among several others.