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Welcome to Accordance!

This page is especially for Newbies. If you would like some tips on the most cost-effective way to get started with Accordance, see our How to Buy page.

If you have taken the plunge, and need some help getting into the software, we have a wealth of resources for you.


If you have never seen Accordance in action, do watch our promotional videos to get a glimpse of the power it will put at your fingertips.


Feature Tour

Check out this overview of the major features of Accordance 13, each illustrated with a video clip.



Getting Started Tutorials

Accordance 13 includes over 75 built-in interactive tutorials that walk you step by step through specific actions. You will find them in the Help menu.

In addition, we offer some introductory tutorial videos, also featured in the new, free, Getting Started module, the update to the Training Manual.


Training Seminar Recordings

Sit in on an all-day Training Seminar with edited videos from a recent session.



These 10-20 minute videos illustrate many aspects of Accordance. There are well over 120, listed chronologically, so it's best to follow the suggested sequence or look for one on a particular topic. Then you can subscribe to the series to stay up to date.

To kick-off we recommend:



Training Manual

Getting Started is our new training manual module with illustrations and video demonstrations. It is included free with every Accordance 13 Starter Collection, and available in your Easy Install. Find it in the Library panel under Other Books.

Accordance 11 Training Manual: The older fully illustrated training manual for Accordance seminars is a free PDF.



Sign up for a free live on-line class to learn about an aspect of Accordance and interact with the presenter. The sessions for beginners are especially popular. Some of the best sessions are archived and available for viewing at your convenience.



Help Files

Our comprehensive, award-winning Help files are included in your Accordance package and accessed from the Help menu, and the Help button on many windows.


Of course, you are welcome to browse the Forums and ask your questions there, and to subscribe to our Blog for all the latest news and tips.