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Congratulations on your purchase of Accordance Bible Software!

We encourage those new to Accordance to watch our training videos in this sequence. About Us introduces our software and its features. The episodes under Using Accordance offer basic training for our computer software, while Using Accordance Mobile for iOS offers the same for our mobile app.

Lighting the Lamp, our podcast series, first aired in May 2009 with Accordance 8. In the almost 200 podcasts since then, we’ve covered methods of Bible study, techniques for using Accordance Bible Software, and reviews of new resources.


About Us

#54) Why Buy Bible Software?

[Accordance 12.3.2: Basic] Why do millions of people use Bible software every day? They have discovered its many advantages! Join Dr. J as he reviews the reasons so many people have chosen Bible software to assist them in their own study of the Bible.

#179) Quick Demo of Accordance

[Accordance 12.2.3: Basic] This quick demo covers the basic features of Accordance for those studying the Bible in translation (typically in English). Accordance has added a number of additional features since the original Accordance 12 demo, including the Text Browser and Live Click. This updated demo includes those features.

#79) One Sweet Suite (Accordance 10 Features)

[Basic: Accordance 10] Want to know what Bible software can do for you? Accordance Bible Software is not just a search engine, nor a simple library of books. It is a complete software suite for studying the Bible. Join Dr. J in a whirlwind tour of Accordance 10's twenty-five major features. This podcast is an excellent overview for those brand new to Accordance—or those considering purchasing it.

#112) Simply Brilliant (Accordance 11 Features)

[Basic Accordance 11] Accordance 11 is simply brilliant! This podcast gives an overview of its most significant feature additions and improvements. Improvements include the Library, which now offers improved organization and customization, User Notes, which can now be in any language and used with Tools as well as Texts, and Search All, now renamed “Research,” which is now faster, smarter, and easier to use. New features include a Topic Search, Quick Entry, Bookmarks, and a parallel Info pane that offers quick links to a variety of passage-by-passage suggested research topics.

#149) Accordance 12 Features

[Accordance 12: Basic] Accordance 12 is here! It includes five major new features and/or improvements:  Stack, Paper, Improved Analytics, Research Analytics, and Info Pane. This initial release of the newest version of Accordance also includes eighteen other minor features and improvements. Join Dr. J as he reviews them all in this podcast.

#148) Accordance 12 Collections

[Accordance 12: Resource] Accordance 12 Collections are the best collections we’ve ever offered! With three tracks (English, Hebrew and Greek, and Graphics) and up to five levels, plus three combination packages, we’re offering our customers more choices than ever. For the first time ever, we are even offering an Accordance "Lite" version that is totally free! In this podcast Dr. J gives a quick overview of each of these collections—and provides an easy guide to purchasing decisions. The release of Accordance 12 is just around the corner, get ready for it by purchasing an Accordance 12 Collection today!

#94) Accordance for Windows

[Basic: Accordance 10] It's here!!! Accordance for Windows has been officially released and is now available for purchase. PC owners now have a native Windows version of the world's premiere Bible software program. This podcast reviews the changes this version of Accordance needed to make it look and feel like a Windows program, without sacrificing its speed, power, or efficiency.

Using Accordance (Mac, Windows PC, and Windows Tablet)

#135) Accordance First Run

[Accordance 11: Basic] Just purchased Accordance and need to install it? Already have Accordance and want to use the Setup Assistant? If your answer to either of these questions is “Yes,” this podcast is for you. It includes complete instructions for installing Accordance and running it the first time, including using the Setup Assistant. As a bonus, this podcast concludes with three slides of simple tasks, just to help you start using Accordance.

#93) Accordance Quick Start

[Accordance 10: Basic] This podcast is the fastest way to get up and running with Accordance Bible Software. See how to search the Bible, add a parallel translation, and a side-by-side commentary. Learn the most commonly used keyboard shortcuts, how to add an independent zone—and even how to adjust user preferences. It's all here, covered in a podcast of about ten minutes. This is also a great podcast to share with friends who are considering purchasing Bible software.

#136 Searching Bibles and Texts

[Accordance 11: Basic] Searching the Bible for verses, words, and topics is a fundamental study technique. Accordance makes it faster and more accurate. Join Dr. J as he demonstrates how to do all of these kinds of searches—and how to check your results.

#145 Power Searches

[Accordance 11: Intermediate] Accordance has an amazing number of ways to strengthen searches in Bibles and texts: Search Options, Search Conditions, and Search Commands. This podcast provides an overview of all of these and detailed information on the seven Connecting Commands, as well as the Style, Range, Field, and Count Commands. Become an Accordance Power User!

#138 Analyzing Search Results

[Accordance 11: Intermediate] Now that we’ve completed a word search, what’s next? Analyzing the results, of course! Every copy of Accordance includes a suite of analytical tools: graphs, charts, tables, etc. In this podcast, Dr. J explains each of them—and the kinds of insights we can expect when we use them to investigate our search results.

#114) The Info Pane

[Accordance 11: Basic] The Info Pane is easily the most popular of the many new features in Accordance 11. This new parallel pane offers quick and easy access to relevant resources for every passage: commentaries, Bible dictionaries, Parallel passages, topics, and textual apparatus.  “Quick and easy access” means being able to consult more resources in less time. In this podcast, Dr. J walks us through the Info Pane, setting its preferences, and modifying our workflow to take advantage of it.

#167) Live Click

[Accordance 12: Basic] Live Click uses a simple click to search for verse references in all texts and words in all texts, lexicons, and Bible dictionaries. We added the feature in Accordance 12.2.7 at the request of former BibleWorks users, who missed a similar function in their old software. Now, with the release of Accordance 12.2.8, Live Click offers more features and even quicker searches.

#174) Text Browser

[Accordance 12.3: Basic] Text Browser is is a powerful new feature in Accordance 12.3. the Text Browser searches and displays multiple resources like a Research tab, but it also has all the most important features of a Text tab: Instant Details, cross-highlighting, and an interlinear view.  It even will compare texts in multiple languages simultaneously! The Tab displays every Text in a horizontal rows, all of which can be copied & pasted or printed as a group. Dr. J showcases this new feature in this episode and and provides several examples of how it can save valuable study time.

#146) Customizing Workspaces

[Accordance 11: Basic] Creating and saving custom Accordance Workspaces makes our study time more productive. Switching between projects is easier, we can develop a consistent workflow, and we can save a lot of time over the long haul. Join Dr. J as he explains the six steps to creating a custom Workspace.

#113) Instant Details & Acc 11 Preferences

[Accordance 11: Basic] Accordance 11 has brought us a lot of new options—and new users!  Instant Details is now more powerful and much more customizable. This podcast reviews Instant Details (for new users) and the new Accordance  11  preferences that enhance it (for all users).

#65) Dynamic Interlinear

[Basic: Accordance 9] Demonstrates the use of Accordance 9.5's new Dynamic Interlinear, including designing and saving custom interlinears.

#137) Wine and Wineskins

[Accordance 11: Study] This is Bible study of Matt. 9:17, Jesus’ famous saying about the incompatibility of new wine and old wineskins. It is designed for new users and shows how to use the Info Pane to dig deeper into a passage. Using just the resources included in the Bible Study Collection, Dr. J shows just how thoroughly Jesus answered the challenges of his opponents..

#100) Design Your Own Study Bible

[Basic: Accordance 10] Lighting the Lamp podcast one hundred, Design Your Own Study Bible, demonstrates an easy way create your very own, custom Study Bible in Accordance.  First, choose your Bible from any of Accordance’s modern translations: over thirty English and more than fifty in other modern languages. Next, add your choice of one or more of twenty-three difference sets of Bible study notes—or over fifty different commentaries. Finally, select one of the six different systems of cross-references and add your favorite atlas and Bible dictionary. Save the Workspace. Presto! You now have a custom Study Bible, designed to your specifications.

#109) Maximize Your Reference Tools

[Accordance 10: Basic] Tired of flipping back and forth through different sections in the same Reference Tool? Accordance has several different ways to open and use a tool. It even allows multiple instances of a Tool in the same Workspace. Join Dr. J as he shows us all how to maximize our Reference Tools.

#133) User Notes and Tools

[Accordance 11.1 Intermediate] Accordance offers two different ways to save the results of our Bible studies: User Notes and User Tools. Both have been recently updated in Accordance 11.1. This podcast shows how to create a new User Note and User Tool—and take advantage of  everything these resources have to offer. Join Dr. J for this tutorial podcast and learn how to save your work in Accordance Bible Software.

#61) Accordance Help

[Basic: Accordance 9 and iOS 1.2] How to use the Accordance Help quickly and efficiently. Covers Help on both OSX and iOS.


Using Accordance Mobile for iOS

#184) Accordance Mobile 3.0

Accordance is very pleased to announce a major update in Accordance Mobile for iOS: version 3.0 It includes a new look and feel, new Library organization, external keyboard shortcuts, better Highlights, Search enhancements, and much, much more. Join Dr. J as he reviews these improvements.

#119) Accordance Mobile 2.0

Accordance Mobile 2.0 is here! Designed for iPhones, iPads and iPod Touches running at least iOS 8.0, the latest version of “Bible Study with Accordance” (iPhone App Store name) is sure to please. It is optimized to take advantage of the iPhone 6 and 6 plus screen sizes—and boasts a host of new features: enhanced text selection, social sharing, highlight symbols, quick definitions, tool bookmarks, easier downloads, and more. Join Dr. J for this quick tour of the very latest in mobile Bible study software.

#91) Accordance Compared: iOS vs. Mac and PC

[Basic: Accordance 10; iOS 1.6] Tens of thousands of people using our Bible Study with Accordance app on iPhones and iPads know little about the full version on Accordance, which runs on Macs and PCs. They don't realize how much more powerful the computer programs are. In this podcast, Dr. J answers some of the most common questions about the differences between Accordance iOS and Accordance Mac and PC.

#85) Bible Study with Accordance iOS 1.6

[Basic: Accordance iOS 1.6] Version 1.6 of our mobile Accordance app combines a more polished interface with a host of new features: flex search, auto words/verses switching, bookmarks, Remember My Place, and syncing User Content between iDevices.

#55) Accordance Sync

[Basic: Accordance 9 and iOS 1.1] How to download Bible Study with Accordance, our free iOS app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Includes setting up your online account and  syncing Accordance iOS with your computer.

#56) Accordance for iOS

[Basic: Accordance iOS 1.1] How to install, navigate, and customize Accordance iOS. Lists the free resources included in the app download. Briefly mentions some of the most popular add-on modules available for purchase.

#57) Accordance iOS Searching

[Basic: Accordance iOS 1.1] How to search the Bible for word, phrase, or verse. Offers users a glimpse inside our multi-layered texts, explaining why our searches are so fast and precise. Includes some tips for becoming an Accordance "Search Master."

#97) Tweaking Accordance iOS

[Basic: Accordance iOS 1.7.1] Accordance is great on an iPhone or iPad right out of the box, but it can do SO much more. Join Dr. J as he explains how to tweak its resource settings to fit our own personal preferences. This is a great podcast for those new to  Accordance on an iOS device.

#60) Fire from Heaven

[Bible Studies: Accordance iOS 1.2] 1 Kings 18 & 19 records Elijah's confrontation with the prophets of Baal on top of Mt. Carmel, then his journey to Jezreel, Beersheba, the wilderness of the Negev, and finally Mt. Horeb (Sinai). How can understanding these places better help us discern the meaning of this story? Join Dr. J as he investigates this passage using Accordance mobile and its bundled free modules.

#61) Accordance Help

[Basic: Accordance 9 and iOS 1.2] How to use the Accordance Help quickly and efficiently. Covers Help on both OSX and iOS.

#61) Accordance Help

[Basic: Accordance 9 and iOS 1.2] How to use the Accordance Help quickly and efficiently. Covers Help on both OSX and iOS.


Using Accordance Mobile for Android

#169) Accordance for Android

[Android 1.1.8: Basic] Accordance Mobile is now available for Android. We are very pleased to announce we now support the Android platform (5.0 and later), as well as MacOS, Windows, and iOS platforms. The app is free, as are its bundled Bibles and Bible study tools. In this episode Dr. J explains how to install, register, and use Accordance on an Android device. In addition, there is information on accessing Accordance Help for even more information—and how to purchase additional resources.

Want to learn still more? Our podcast archive is available (sorted by topic) at Podcast Index and (sorted by date) at Lighting the Lamp. Enjoy!