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New General Releases

Isaiah Old & New

NEW! Isaiah Old and New (Witherington)

Psalms Old & New

NEW! Psalms Old and New (Witherington)

Jesus Final Days

NEW! Jesus, the Final Days (Evans and Wright)


NEW! Feasting on the Word Lenten Companion


NEW! Feasting on the Word Worship Companion

Bonhoeffer-God on Cross

NEW! God Is on the Cross (Bonhoeffer)


NEW! A Way Other than Our Own (Brueggemann)

40 Days

NEW! 40 Days, 40 Prayers, 40 Words


NEW! NAC Studies in Bible and Theology
(11 Volumes)

Patristic Reader_120

NEW! Patristic Greek Reader (Whitacre)


NEW! My Bondage and My Freedom (Douglass)


NEW! Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass


NEW! Qur'an (Arabic, tagged with Transliteration and 3 English Translations)


NEW! Qur'an Annotated English (with Notes)

OTL-Eichrodt Theology_120

OT Library Companion Series
(9 Volumes)

NTL-Paul & Authority

NT Library Companion Series
(4 Volumes)

NTL-Theology & Ethics

Individual Volumes of OT and NT Library Companion Series

LW 42_120

Luther's Works Series (Volumes 31-54)

NTL-Paul & Authority

John Warwick Montgomery Collection
(33 Volumes)

Revisiting NT Corruption_120

Revisiting the Corruption of the NT sdf

Golden Nuggets_120

Golden Nuggets
(Sermon Outlines)


The Theory & Practice of Biblical Hermeneutics

Spirit Hermeneutics

Spirit Hermeneutics (Keener)

Goldingay-Jesus Bible

Reading Jesus’s Bible (Goldingay)


Apocalypse, Prophecy, and Pseudepigraphy

Goheen-Read Missionally

Reading the Bible Missionally

Radner-Time & Word

Time and the Word (Radner)

Pilch-Cultural Handbook

A Cultural Handbook to the Bible (Pilch)

Getting Started

Getting Started with Accordance

Arminian & Baptist

Arminian and Baptist (Pinson)

Classical Arminianism

Classical Arminianism (Forlines)

Fiensy-Strange Galilee

Galilee in the Late Second Temple and Mishnaic Period (Fiensy, Strange)

Persuasive Preaching

Persuasive Preaching (Overstreet)

Preaching by Ear

Preaching by Ear (McClellan, McClellan)

Preaching Points

Preaching Points (Gibson)

Faithful Preaching

Faithful Preaching (House, Garland)

Intro OT Pentateuch

An Introduction to the Old Testament Pentateuch

Intro OT Historical

An Introduction to the Old Testament Historical Books

Intro OT Poetic

An Introduction to the Old Testament Poetic Books


New Bibles & Original Language Texts


NEW! Gregory of Nyssa's
"Great Catechism"


NEW! Babylonian Talmud Folio
(Untagged Hebrew)


NEW! German Leonberger NT with GK Numbers and Phrase Tagging


NEW! Christian Standard Bible (2017) with Strong's



New Commentaries & Study Bibles

SIL Exegetical Summary

NEW! SIL Exegetical Summary Series (30 Vols)


NEW! Old Testament Library Commentaries
(31 volumes)


NEW! New Testament Library Commentaries
(15 Volumes)


NEW! Christ-Centered Exposition Commentary (25 Volumes)


Individual Volumes of Baker Exegetical Commentaries


Individual Volumes of NIV Application Commentaries


Individual Volumes of Zondervan Exegetical Commentaries

New Dictionaries & Grammars

Stevens Workbook

Stevens' Greek Workbook (Companion to Stevens' Greek Grammar)

Encyclopedia Christianity_120

Encyclopedia of Christianity

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