New in Accordance 10

Version 10 is a major upgrade to Accordance. This substantial release offers a new design, new features, and many user-friendly enhancements. Here are some of the highlights.


The Accordance 10 interface features an all-new design with updated colors, gradients, and icons. Many features and views have also been completely redesigned to feel more intuitive and polished.

10 Design


A new toolbar is accessible from the top of your workspace. This toolbar is fully customizable, allowing you to add, remove, and rearrange icons. This means you can create a personalized toolbar that offers quick access to the features you use all the time, while allowing you to remove icons for features you do not.

10 Toolbar

Unified Window

The Library and Instant Details views are now integrated into the workspace, and the old Resource Palette has been removed in favor of a more versatile Library that offers amplify functionality. This means you no longer need to resize and rearrange multiple floating palettes, as everything has been unified into a single workspace.

10 Unified Window


The Library has a new design and a several important feature updates:

  • You can filter modules in the Library by category.
  • Recently opened modules display at the top of the Library.
  • Book covers are included for each module.
  • User-friendly names make it easier to find what you are looking for.
  • Amplifying is available when text is selected, similar to the functionality of the old Resource Palette. Whenever text is selected, an icon will show up next to modules and folders in the Library when you hover over them with your cursor, allowing you to search for the selected text in that module or folder.
  • You can access copyright and text information by clicking on the ā€œiā€ icon that appears when hovering over a module with your cursor.

10 Library

Flex Search

The new Flex Search mode for English texts finds variations of the words and phrases you search for. Specifically, Flex Search will find all inflected forms of verbs and all singular and plural forms of nouns. This mode also allows words to occur out of order or to have other words in between them. You can choose Exact Search mode to search as before.

10 Flex Search

Search All

Search All is now accessible right from the toolbar, making it easier and faster than ever to search your entire library at once. You can also use this feature to search for specific types of content, such as verse references and images.

10 Search All

Automated Search Modes

Search modes intelligently adjust based on your search criteria. Words/Verses modes are automatically selected based on your search terms and a new auto-context feature adds context when searching for verses.


New color themes offer attractive out-of-the box solutions for customizing the look of texts and tools.

10 Themes


Analysis charts and graphs have been completely redesigned and look better than ever. There are also some simple new ways to customize the look of charts and graphs by accessing the gear menu in the top-right.

10 Analytics

Instant Details

You can view Instant Details at any time by Option-clicking on a word (or Click-and hold). Alternatively, you can view Instant Details by hovering over a word if you have the Instant Details icon selected from the toolbar. Lengthy entries will now display in multiple columns.

10 Instant Details


Highlights are accessible from a new popover display.

10 Highlights


Characters are accessible from a new popover display.

10 Characters


Clicking on image thumbnails opens the full image in a popover display. You can then open the image in a separate zone.

10 Images

Maximum Pane Width

A new preference allows you to set the maximum pane width of texts and tools.

10 Max Pane Width

Reading Mode

Reading mode will expand the current module you are reading into a full-screen view that eliminates distractions.

10 Reading Mode


Our award-winning help system has a new design and more accessible search features.

10 Help

For details of each update to version 10 see this page.