New Features in 11.1

Accordance 11.1 is here for Windows and Mac! Version 11.1 is a significant update that is free to users who have already upgraded to Accordance 11. Here are the major feature highlights!

User Notes/User Tools: Redesigned Interface & New Features

Now you can insert or paste pictures* into your User files. And you can easily add hyperlinks to websites, computer files, and any installed title in your Accordance Library.

The edit window interface for User Notes and User Tools has been completely redesigned for ease of use and the new features.

User Notes 11.1

A User Tool can also be converted to a regular Tool allowing for Highlights and User Notes.

*Caution: Do not edit User Notes with pictures on Accordance Mobile at this time. We're still working on adding support for this feature in our mobile app.

Imported Bibles (formerly User Bibles) Now with More Options

You can import Bibles and other texts and match the versification scheme of any installed text, including Apocryphal/Deuterocanonical books and even non-biblical corpuses. In addition, alternate or native book names can be included upon import.

Imported and purchased Unicode Bibles now have access to the Diagram and Analysis features.

Improved Syntax Features

Syntax tree cross highlighting now works across verse boundaries. When performing syntax searches, phrase and clause hits now display lines in the text representing the full phrase or clause. Compound items are clearly identified. Syntax searching using graphical constructs is now more intuitive and enhanced.

The latest Syntax changes (11.1.4) are covered in Quick Guide to Latest Syntax Updates.

Better Interlinear Export

When copying interlinear content into external applications, Accordance can directly paste a table into most word processors.

Word Interlinear

Instant Details Enhancements

When holding down the Command key on the Mac or the Control key in Windows and hovering over a word, Instant Details now include statistical information. For tagged texts, lexeme and inflected word counts are provided. Similarly, for keyed texts, word counts for the translated word and its key number are shown.

Instant Details

Custom Icons for Library Folders

You can now customize folder icons for both Texts and Tools in the Library pane and choose from a selection of available icons.

Library icons

Accordance-Specific Location URLs (accord://)

You can automatically generate accord:// URLs for any location or search in a text or tool. You will find these actions in the Copy As menus. Place these links in User Notes, User Tools, or even external applications such as e-mail, word processing, social media, or presentation software. Clicking on the link will perform the specified action in Accordance.

Location URL
Accord:// URLs also now support topic and daily reading actions. See the Help documentation for details and examples.

Gestures Support for Trackpads and Touchscreens

Trackpad gestures have been added for images, the Atlas, and the Timeline. These include swipe, pinch to zoom in and out, and two-finger rotation where applicable. These gestures also work with touchscreens on Windows computers and tablets.

Easier Printing Options for Tools

Launch a contextual menu from the Table of Contents of any title to easily print an entire article or section, or select it for export to your favorite word processor.

Article Print

MT-LXX Data in Analysis

The Analysis analytic now supports matching of the words between the Hebrew Bible and Septuagint. This allows for display in the Analysis Window and related graphs. The MT-LXX Parallel tool and relevant texts are required.

MT-LXX in Analysis

These new features are just the highlights. For a complete list of what's new in Accordance 11.1, see our New Since 11.0 page, and consult the Help files in the Help menu of Accordance.

Accordance users who have v. 11 already installed can launch Check for App Update from the Accordance menu on the Mac and the Utilities menu in Windows. Users of earlier versions can check the Upgrade section for their options.

Haven't upgraded to Accordance 11 yet? The Starter Collection is the most affordable way to get up and running with Accordance 11 or upgrade from any earlier version.