New For Accordance 12

The major new features of Accordance 12 are listed below. To see a list of the minor upgrades as they are released, check out the New Since 12 page.

For an illustrated summary see Rest from Your Labors with Accordance 12 and watch for blog posts and podcasts that focus on specific features. The Help files are downloaded with the program, and also available online. They have detailed explanations of every aspect of Accordance.

Major features

  1. Stack. The stack is a place to collect ideas for later use. These ideas may be excerpts from texts or tools, pictures, or items containing your own thoughts. Add items to the stack with Cmd/Ctrl-Opt-K, the Stack button on the toolbar, or via the Selection menu. View your stack from the Selection or New menu to organize items, adjust the title, add a comment, copy as cited content, mark as favorites, sort, etc. The stack can also be viewed from a click and hold on the Stack toolbar button. Multiple stacks can be created and named to keep separate idea collections. Stacks are saved in the Accordance Files/Stacks folder, and can easily be distributed to fellow Accordance 12 users.

  2. Paper. A paper is a more structured word processor document, designed for creating outlined content, whether a sermon, lecture, lesson, academic paper, or other. Create new papers from the File menu or toolbar item. Created papers are listed in the Library under My Stuff. You can drag and drop Stack items onto a paper. Scripture links are automatically recognized and do not need to be styled. Paper items can be moved around to adjust their hierarchy. Use the Show menu to adjust which elements of items are shown, such as only the Title for a handout, or Title + Summary for speaking hints during a presentation. For items coming from the Stack, an automatic End Note and/or Bibliography section can be shown.

  3. Improved Analytics. Visual upgrades to Pie, Bar, Hits, and Analysis Graphs. Pie and Bar charts are interactive, supporting instant details, mouse hover effects, and clicking on segments. A click on a Pie or Bar segment will show a new set of results related to the clicked segment. Hits and Analysis Graphs support zooming and panning.

  4. Research Analytics. Analytics can now be performed on Text results of any research search. They default to showing the aggregate (combined) results across all texts. Using the 'Compare' browser, different results can be compared. Clicking on a segment will show the texts that contributed to that one result.

  5. Improved Info Pane. The Info pane categories can now be reorganized, and it supports new categories for Study Bibles, Grammars, Manuscripts, Manuscript Images, and Word List. The Word List lists each word in the verse, sorted by frequency, alphabet, or concentration - a unique way to locate important words to the passage.

  6. Support for the ETCBC Hebrew Syntax and morphology database.

  7. Custom Keyboard Shortcuts in the Preferences.

  8. Upgraded timeline visuals. Brand new look for the timeline. Some old stylistic choices (such as item style, drop shadow, etc.) have been removed.

  9. (Windows only) Wifi-sync support. This requires Bonjour, which can be installed from within the program if not already installed with iTunes.

  10. Support for the Genealogies module.

  11. Improved Library Searching.

Minor features or changes

  1. The Info Pane shows the Author when possible, can be automatically added to search tabs, supports a right-click to research a topic, and reuses panes when opening commentaries.

  2. Custom research groups. Select [Custom] in the Research group selection menu to quickly create a temporary set of modules to search.

  3. When researching a [TOPIC] search, texts are searched for the verses, but tools are searched for the topic itself, allowing for a single comprehensive search.

  4. The Atlas interface has been redesigned and improved.

  5. accord:// links can be automatically appended to the end of text or tool citations.

  6. Verse references can now be clicked in the concordance tab.

  7. Triple click a term the Analysis tab to perform a smart analysis search.

  8. Access to the Analytics has been changed to a prominent centered menu with text, and the toolbar.

  9. For texts, searching in Flex is now a separate choice from Words and Verses. For tools, Flex/Exact and Scope are now button toggle choices on the right side of the entry box.

  10. New Tab menu has been reorganized a little bit.

  11. New toolbar items 'Analytics', 'Info Pane', 'Stack', 'Paper' and a new default set.

  12. Styled unicode content can now be pasted, such as pasting into a User Note.

  13. New Bibliography style 'Simple' that just includes the tool name, for easy casual referencing.

  14. The main Tool popup menu has been restructured to show related items at the top.

See the details of the changes since 12.0.

The Collection 12 Starter is your minimum upgrade to Accordance version 12.

Collection 12 Starter is $59.90
Collection 12 Starter upgrade from version 11 is only $49.90
Collection 12 Starter upgrade from version 10
is $54.90