Custom Orders

What if none of the collections is exactly what I want? How can I put together a custom package?

Good question!

If the Collections Comparison, and the pages on specific types of modules don't offer enough help, try the following method:

Pick a Collection

Try to select one that is close to what you want, as a starting point. Although you can order most items individually, the packages are specially discounted so they are usually the better value even if you only want some of the items in them.

Remember that you can always add modules or upgrade to a higher collection later.

Add Specific Modules

Look through the relevant lists of modules in the Modules section, and note which are of interest to you.

We bundle some modules into "groups" so that you get them all together. You will recognize a group by noting that Available Within a Package appears on the details of a module instead of the price, and looking below to see what package(s) include that module.

We also offer special value "add-on combos" of related modules, such as a Greek or Hebrew text with a separate translation. These are noted on the details page of each module in the bundle. The Graphics Bundle is our most popular add-on.

Load your shopping cart

Add the items you have chosen to your shopping cart and take note of the helpful messages which appear. They may remind you of something you have overlooked such as an overlap between items.

Get advice from our sales staff

If you are unsure of the best way to put together the package, you are welcome to call or email the friendly customer service staff, or connect through Live Chat in the top bar. Our goal is always to assist you to assemble the best value package that meets your needs, rather than to sell you the biggest package that we can.

They can also help you set up a Payment Plan.

Place your order and relax!

Our highly trained staff will review your order in any case, and particularly if you leave a note for them or choose to send it for manual processing before your card is charged. If there is any error, we'll correct it ASAP. Within our three month grace period, if you choose to add a package which includes something you have already purchased, we will credit that item in full.

Happy Accordance shopping!