Accordance for Windows

It's Here!

Accordance was appreciated by Mac users for many years before we were able to release an equivalent Windows version. In Fall 2013 the Windows app made its debut with the same features and speed as Accordance 10 for Mac. With version 12 it enjoys almost complete parity with the latest Mac version.

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Why Choose Accordance for Windows?

Native Code

Accordance for Windows is fully native and does not require the use of an emulator. Our developers also chose not to use a compatibility layer, even though this would make it much easier to code for multiple platforms. Instead, Accordance for Windows is based entirely on native Windows code to ensure that Windows users experience the same speed and reliability that Mac users have enjoyed for over 22 years.

Fast & Efficient

While we are on the topic of speed, Accordance for Windows is fast. Really fast. Even complex Greek and Hebrew searches deliver results that feel instantaneous. Even better, you do not need to buy a brand new computer with maxed out specs in order to experience this speed because Accordance for Windows is an efficient program that will not bog down your system.

Backwards Compatible

Accordance runs on many different versions of Windows. The full compatibility list includes Windows 10, 8 (including the Surface Pro tablet), and Windows 7. It may run on Windows XP and VISTA, which are no longer supported by Microsoft. It does NOT run on tablets with Windows RT.

Universal License

All you need is one Accordance license to run Accordance on up to five separate Windows, Mac, or iOS devices. If you already own Accordance 10+ for Mac, no additional purchase is necessary to run Accordanceon your Windows PC. Just download the app, enter your user name and password, and begin downloading your Accordance modules.


How do I order Accordance for Windows?

Just click on the Buy Now link above and choose a Collection. You can also purchase additional Bible texts, commentaries, dictionaries, and study tools, but you will need a Collection to access the full Accordance for Windows engine. Once your order has been processed, you will receive an email with download instructions.

How do I download Accordance for Windows?

You should receive an email with the download link once your order has been processed, but you can also get the file from our Installers page.

Do I need to purchase Accordance for Windows separately if I already own Accordance for Mac?

No, you only need one Accordance license to run Accordance on up to five personal Mac, Windows, and iOS devices.

Which Versions of Windows are Supported?

Accordance for Windows will run on Windows 7, 8, and 10. It will not run on Windows RT, nor reliably on any version prior to Windows 7.

Can I try Accordance for Windows before buying?

Yes, we have a free "Lite" version of Accordance 12 for Windows that you can explore on our Accordance Lite page. This version has some limitations that are not in the full version, but it lets you try the Accordance interface and it includes a nice selection of Bibles and tools for you to use. You can add most purchased modules to it.

Does Accordance for Windows have all the same features as Accordance for Mac?

Almost. Accordance for Windows is extremely close to feature parity with Accordance for Mac. The Windows version even has all of the latest features that were released in the 12 update to Accordance for Mac. However, the following features are still forthcoming in the Windows version.

  • Text-to-speech
  • Spell check