Accordance 13 Upgrades

Accordance 13 offers major new features and many enhancements. Here are the upgrade options for current users.

Upgrade your Current Library to Accordance 13

The Starter 13 Collection is $59.90 and will run all your owned texts and tools, and add a few new ones.

We offer the following upgrades from earlier versions:

These upgrade prices will be applied automatically with your Custom Upgrade to any English, Greek, or Hebrew Track.

Upgrade to Basic Starter demonstrates the advantages of this upgrade for users of the Lite and mobile apps, and earlier versions of Accordance.

Upgrade to a Higher Accordance 13 Collection



If you want to upgrade to one or more of our Accordance 13 Collections, you can simply click the Custom Upgrade button on that Collection page to get an estimated price. Or just add it to your cart. You pay only for the new modules and upgrades, not for what you own. Learn more about custom upgrades and about the entire slate of Collections.

Please note that the Graphics Collections do NOT include the Starter Collection and so they will not upgrade your earlier version of Accordance, just add more graphics modules.

Purchasing Accordance 13 on the Mac App Store

Accordance 13 is available in the App Store. We offer Accordance 13 Lite for free in the App Store, with the option to upgrade to the full version with an in-app purchase.

Learn more about the App Store Edition.

Additional Notes

  • Download your purchased copy of Accordance 13.
  • Check out the new features in Accordance 13 and see the latest blog posts.
  • Accordance 13 requires Windows XP or above, or an Intel Mac and OS 10.6 and above. It is NOT compatible with Windows RT.
  • Accordance 13 is localized to Chinese, Korean, German, Spanish, Italian, French, and Portuguese.
  • If you are upgrading a version 8 or earlier installation on your Mac, please contact the office for instructions.
  • Purchasing an upgrade does NOT allow you to give away or sell your original copy.