Rest from Your Labors with Accordance 12

Studying the Bible shouldn't require a Herculean effort to complete a dozen labors. The good news is that Accordance 12 is here to help the "weary and heavy laden" with dozens of labor-saving new features. Here are twelve new ways Accordance 12 will lead you into the promised rest of biblical insight:

1. Make Stacks

Found something useful in your study? A great quote? An important insight? A picture worth a thousand words? Add it to your current "stack."

Stacks are a convenient place to collect bits of useful information. Accordance 12 keeps track of where each item came from, so you can always find it in context again. You can also sort all the items in a stack, add your own comments to each item, or star the ones you think are most important.




2. Create Papers

Once you've done your research, organize your thoughts in a Paper.

Papers are designed to create incredibly flexible documents right within Accordance. Start with one of the included outline templates or start from scratch. Edit each point of your outline: its title, summary, content, and notes. Drag items from your stack directly onto the Paper to add them to your outline.




3. Customize Papers

Once you've created a Paper, you can customize it for a variety of uses. Hide everything but the titles of each point to create a simple outline. Display the summaries of each point to create simple speaker's notes or an abstract. Display everything to print out a complete annotated manuscript. Collapse all but the main points of the outline or expand all the subpoints. Display the Bibliography for a properly formatted list of every Accordance resource you cited. With Papers, you can write once, then format for a dozen different uses.




4. Get More Info

The Info Pane has been expanded to give more information about your current verse. New categories include Study Bibles, Grammars, Manuscripts, Manuscript Images, and a Word List. The Word List ranks the words in your verse to help you identify key words in a passage.




5. Interact with Analytics

Search Analytics have been improved to become more interactive. Click an item in a graph to analyze that item. Triple-click a form in the Analysis to search for it. The increased interactivity makes it easier to make new discoveries.




6. Get Research Analytics

When you use Research to search multiple Bibles, you can now use Analytics to visually compare the results across specific texts. For example, here's a comparison of the word "atonement" in different English Bibles. Tyndale, who probably coined the term, uses it sparingly. Later Bibles use the term more and more, probably because it had become more widely known among English speakers.



7. Customize Keyboard Shortcuts

Accordance 12 now lets you assign your own keyboard shortcuts to features throughout the program.




8. Search Your Library

Accordance 12 lets you search your Library to find resources which match certain Tags or which contain certain biblical books. Find commentaries which cover 1 Maccabees or which are "Expositional."


Accordance 12: Search Library for Texts with Certain Books


9. Use the ETCBC Hebrew Syntax and morphology database

Accordance 12 supports the ETCBC Hebrew Syntax, formerly known as WIVU.



10. Follow a Family Tree

Accordance 12 adds support for tools which include elaborate diagrams, such as the new Genealogies of the Bible. Use this module to see the family relationships which are central to understanding the biblical story.




11. Sync Via Wifi (Now on Windows)

Accordance 12 now lets Windows users sync with their Accordance Mobile for iOS via Wifi. This requires Apple Bonjour for Windows.

12. Enjoy Dozens More Improvements

Accordance 12 includes dozens of other enhancements throughout the program: interface tweaks (like a new look for the Timeline), increased customization, performance enhancements, and greater functionality. Once you've soaked in all the big new features, you'll be delighted with all the little changes that can help streamline your Bible study.




For an overview of the Collections read About Accordance Collections.

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The Collection 12 Starter is your minimum upgrade to Accordance version 12.

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