Accordance 12.2 Update

Accordance 12.2 is a major update with significant new features and improvements. Best of all, it’s absolutely free for current Accordance 12 users!

So, what’s new in Accordance 12.2? Here are some of the major new features and updates:

Integrated Web Browser

Acc 12.2 web browser

The new integrated Accordance web browser allows you to access the web without having to leave the application. Plus, it delivers the full power of the Accordance contextual menu from any website. Here are just a few of the ways that a web browser can be used from within Accordance:

  • Click on any internet URL in Accordance to open a new web browser tab or go to File: New Tab: Web Browser.
  • Click the Help button in the Accordance Toolbar and get the support you want without ever having to leave the application.
  • Amplify English, Hebrew, Greek and other text from the web to any title in your Accordance Library.
  • Text from websites, including Unicode biblical language content, can be easily copied from a web page into an Accordance User Note, User Tool, or Paper document.
  • Search terms and ideas from a web page with multiple Accordance titles using the contextual menu and any Research category in Accordance.
  • Use online apps like Google Docs directly in Accordance keeping the document you’re working on right your Accordance research!
  • If you have access to an online seminary or university research library, that content can now be viewed from within Accordance along with your personal Accordance Library.
  • Any web-based app, including Kindle Cloud Reader or even competing Bible software platforms which have versions of their software on the web can now be integrated into an Accordance Zone.

My Toolset

Introduced with Accordance 11, the Info Pane dramatically changed how many of us use Accordance. Suddenly there was a wealth of knowledge on any verse in the Bible that dynamically changed on the fly a fast as one could scroll through the text. Over time, we've added new sections to the Info Pane, but requests have continued. Why not a section for journals? historical writings?  lexicons? ...and so on.

With the addition of My Toolset to the Info Pane, you can now add any title from your personal Accordance Library that you'd like to include in your research and study. Want to see when the Church Fathers commented on a particular verse? Add them to My Toolset. Journals? Add as many as you like!

My Toolset

When you add a title to My Toolset, Faster than you can blink an eye, Accordance scans that work to see if it references your verse. Preview in Instant Details and then click on the cover image in the Info Pane for Accordance to immediately runs a verse-specific search and display all the hits for you to see.

Add titles to My Toolset by clicking on the Action button (that little gear icon) next to the My Toolset title in the Info Pane. There you will be presented with the same folder structure of your personal Accordance Library, allowing you to add any title you want.

Paper Exports to .docx & Other Improvements

Have a Paper document you need to share with someone who doesn’t have Accordance? Export to .docx (MS Word) format is now available in addition to previous formats and methods such as RTF, plain text, or printing to PDF.

Paper documents also supports user-created endnotes through the contextual menu or the new asterisk (*) icon in the Paper toolbar.

User Created Endnote

Syntax Improvements

Syntax trees have been visually improved with many new features. Antecedents are now more clearly visible in the syntax tree. Clause depth searching can now be restricted to stay within the clause boundaries. ETCBC searching has been improved to better handle or ignore subphrase elements.

12.2 Syntax

Handoff Support

Accordance can be used with Apple's Handoff feature, allowing your Mac and iOS devices to automatically pass what you are doing from one device to another. For more information about using Handoff with Accordance, see “Use Handoff Between Devices” in Accordance Help for the Mac.

Syncing Improvements

Stacks and Papers can now be synced via Dropbox to any other installation of Accordance 12 on Windows or Mac.

New Localization Improvements

Localization of Accordance can now be set in the Appearance section of Accordance Preferences, separate from System localization. Also, there is a new localization for Simplified Chinese.

12.2 Localization

Updated Picture Popover Interface

Click on an image in any Accordance Tool to see an entirely new interface for zooming in an out and opening a photo in a separate Zone. Plus, there’s now a new expand icon for viewing the image full screen.

The above new features are just the tip of the iceberg. Accordance 12.2 is the most significant update since version 12 was released over a year ago. For a more complete list of new features, changes, and bug fixes, see our “New since 12” page.

For an overview of the new Collections read About Accordance Collections.

See details of the new features in Accordance 12.

The Collection 12 Starter is your minimum upgrade to Accordance version 12.

Collection 12 Starter is $59.90
Collection 12 Starter upgrade from version 11 is only $49.90
Collection 12 Starter upgrade from version 10
is $54.90