Oct 31, 2018 Richard Mansfield

MAJOR UPDATE: Accordance 12.3.0 (Windows/macOS)

Drop whatever you’re doing and go run App Update in Accordance 12 immediately! We have just released v. 12.3.0, and it’s such a major update, you’ll wonder why we’re not charging for it! Make no mistake, though, Accordance 12.3.0 is FREE to all Accordance 12 users.

Accordance 12.3.0 brings a brand new Text Browser feature, significant enhancements to Papers/Stacks, Research, Searching, Web browser, and much more!

There’s a lot to explore here, so you may even want to open this web page in your Accordance Web Browser so you can try out all the new features and enhancements for yourself!

Text Browser:

  • The new Text Browser tab displays multiple translations of the same verse from a verse reference selection in a Text or Tool tab.
  • The Text Browser can be linked to another Text tab (Search, Reference List, or Context) to show the top verse in all available translations, or in a predefined group of translations.
  • A new Web & Text Browser preference pane has been added.
  • The contents of the Text Browser tab can be printed and saved as a text file.


12.3 Text browser

Papers & Stacks:

  • 12.3 Paper subfolders Papers and Stacks can be synced between Windows, macOS, and iOS devices.
  • The Library supports the creation of sub-folders within the Paper and Stack subgroups.
  • In the Set Paper Display Dialog Box, an option for [None] has been added to hide the item marker for that particular hierarchical level.
  • A Word Count menu item has been added as the first item in the Pane Task Action Menu.
  • New and existing Paper tabs can be set to open at a specified Zoom level.
  • Links can be added to Papers from multiple sources (Resource, Web, File, Scripture).
  • When copying text from an Accordance Text or Tool, the bibliographic information is included when pasted into a Paper tab.
  • Items can now be added to a Stack from the Web Browser tab and from the Research tab.


  • AnySyntax has been added as a new search item in the Construct tab.


  • The Research tab has a new selector button for viewing Text results in a Text Browser or workspace.
  • Hebrew Literal search is now an option in the Research tab.
  • Reading/Research preferences have been updated to set new Research tabs to either Flex/Exact or Literal/Grammatical searches.
  • The title in the Research tab now shows the number of hits in the number of verses.
  • Research Table of Contents can now be hidden.


12.3 New Features in Research

Web Browser:

  • Zoom buttons have been added to the web browser.
  • Scripture references detected on web pages will be displayed in Instant Details and highlighted in red to distinguish them from normal links.
  • Clicking a Scripture reference in the Web Browser opens the verse in a Text tab.
  • The default home page can be set in the Web & Text Browser preferences.
  • The default texts for scripture references displayed in the web browser can be selected in the Web & Text Browser preferences.


12.3 Web Browswer


  • Added a preference to split non-contiguous verses when using Copy as Citation.
  • Added a radio button in the Citation preferences specifying whether the entire citation should be enclosed in markers, or just the text title alone.

User Bibles:

  • Import of any UTF16 file is now supported.
  • Language groups such as Chinese, Russian, and "enhanced" Latin Unicode remain as Unicode Bible texts.


  • If the localization is changed, any default item (such as highlight style name and route layer) not changed by the user will be updated.

Additional Enhancements:

  • User Note icons have been updated.
  • User Note table of contents can be hidden when opened by itself.
  • New Safe Mode options have been added.
  • An Accordance Exchange link has been added to the Help menu.
  • Updated help files.
  • Bug fixes.


If you haven’t already done so, Accordance 12 users can update to v. 12.3.0 by going to Check for App Update on the Utilities menu (Windows) or the Accordance menu (macOS).

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